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The Latest Updates on ALSAP - 2008

ALSAP Update Log 2008 (entries by Tim Kelley)


December 31, 2008

Mark Blevins emailed some great stories and information about skiing at the Cape Romanzof AFS in 1979.  Thanks a lot Mark !!

December 23, 2008

Today I added an Alaska Lost Ski Patrols web page to ALSAP.  Bob Janes of Juneau is compiling information for Lost Ski Patrol history.  To start with, Bob sent information about the Juneau Ski Patrol history.  Thanks for your help Bob !!

December 22, 2008

An article in the Juneau Empire mentioned that the U.S. Forest Service has proposed tearing down the 72 year old Dan Moller Cabin and rebuilding it.

December 15, 2008

Leo Americus sent some great recent pictures of the stone fireplace and chimney remains of the Tripod Ski Cabin in Cordova.  Wow ... what a beautiful place for a ski cabin!  Thank you very much Leo!!

December 13, 2008

James Kreinhop contacted us about the time he was stationed at Cape Romanzof AFS in 1974-1975.  James remembers a person skiing there, and he remembers that the fishing was really good there too.  Thanks for the info James !!

December 11, 2008

Added a web page for a proposed but never built multi-use trail, that would have been used for xc skiing in the winter.  That trail is the once proposed Anchorage South Coastal Trail.

December 10, 2008

Added scans of three 1990's articles to the Eagle Valley Resort web page and another 1993 article scan entitled "Money Mountain" to the Government Peak web page.  The final sentence of the "Money Mountain" article about development plans for a Hatcher Pass Ski Area has a memorable quote from developer Fred Rogers: "It [the ski area] is going to happen even if I die tonight in my sleep".

December 8, 2008

Added a web page for the Proposed Expansion of the Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage.  Expansion of this ski area was proposed in the 1990's.  But to date the proposed expansion of this ski area has not occurred.  Hilltop is not a lost ski area, it has been in continual operation since 1984.  But I'm putting the Hilltop proposed expansion on the list of "proposed but never built" ski areas.

November 21, 2008

Ken Alden emailed us some interesting information.  Ken was a Maine high school ski jumping champ in 1950 and because of this he was recruited to be on the skiing and ice skating staff at the Mt. McKinley Army Recreation Center for the winter of  1952-53.  Ken also skied at Curry on St. Patrick's Day in 1953 and he jumped off the discontinued ski jump on slalom skis.  Ken mentions that on that same day a skier got caught in an avalanche while skiing near Curry.  More from Ken can be read on the Mt. McKinley Army Recreation Center  and Curry  web pages.  Thanks for this great information Ken !!

November 13, 2008

This summer I was at the Hilltop Ski Area and took pictures of the old Arctic Valley chairlift remains that are stockpiled there.  I finally got around to putting these pictures on the Arctic Valley web page.

November 09, 2008

Sam Anderson sent in some nice 1964 pictures of skiing at Independence Mine and Arctic Valley.  These pictures showed some aspects of these old ski areas that we did not have photos of.  Thanks a lot for sharing these photos Sam !!

November 06, 2008

Dave Brann recently found an article in a 1946 issue of the American Ski Annual about skiing at Adak.  Excerpts from the article by Olav Ulland entitled "Skiing In The Aleutians" are now on the Adak web page.  Thanks a lot Dave !!

November 01, 2008

I added a note to the Arctic Valley web page to quell some confusion that may result from a recent marketing decision made by the Anchorage Ski Club.  Recently the ASC converted the long-used name of the Alpenglow Ski Area to ... Arctic Valley.  The former Alpenglow/ new Arctic Valley ski area is not same site as the old Arctic Valley (Ski Bowl) ski area.  It is adjacent and to the north of the lost ski area.  But there is likely to be confusion from this name change: "Did Alpenglow go out of business?", "Isn't Arctic Valley an operating ski area?  Why is it called a lost ski area?", etc.

October 26, 2008

I posted pictures on the Arctic Valley ALSAP web page of a lone, small concrete block building still standing near the gate of this old ski area.  Does anyone know that the purpose of this building was?  You can walk inside it, and the room is filled with shelves.  And the windows were built with iron bars across them.



Later this day, while hiking on a hunters' trail below the Arctic Valley ski site on the Ship Creek side of Rendezvous Ridge, I noticed the Thompson truck wreckage way above me.  Then when I looked below me, which was down the fall line from the truck, I noticed several 55 gallon drums.  These were likely the fuel drums that were on Thompson's truck prior to this fatal accident occurred in 1955.

October 13, 2008

Eleanor Pollock emailed us to say that she identified her parents and relative as skaters in two pictures on the Mt. McKinley Army Recreation Center web page.  In the late 1940's and early 1950's Eleanor spent the first 6-7 years of her life at the McKinley Hotel where her father was part of the Alaska Railroad team that managed the hotel.  Thanks for sharing this information with us Eleanor !!

October 11, 2008

I was out running today near Flattop Mountain near Anchorage, AK and realized: "Hey, I'm running across a lost skiing area!"  Back in the 1980's the Powerline Pass Trail was in much rougher shape than it is these days.  So when the first snows would hit the mountains above Anchorage the Flattop Tundra Trails would be ski-able before the Powerline Pass Trail.  Now that the Powerline Pass Trail is smoother, drier and ski-able with the same amount of snowfall that would have made the higher-up tundra trails ski-able, ski racers don't bother making training loops in the tundra fields anymore.  So ... as far as early season xc ski training trails go ... this once very popular skiing area is now a lost skiing site.

October 07, 2008

Bill Croke sent several nice pictures of skiing at Arctic Valley in 1956.  Bill was stationed at Fort Richardson in 1955-1956 !!  While there Bill worked at Arctic Valley issuing ski equipment to personnel and their families.  And during breaks Bill would ski as much as possible.  Thanks for sharing these pictures Bill !!

September 27, 2008

Charlie Sherman emailed us and asked why we didn't have Government Hill in Anchorage on our lost ski areas list.  Well, we do now!  Charlie started skiing on a neighborhood ski run behind the curling rink at Government Hill in 1952.  Thanks for the info Charlie !!

September 22, 2008

I heard last fall that the Russian Jack Springs rope tow was surplused and sold.  But recently I was at RJS and noticed the poles were still there.  I contacted John McCleary at the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation department to see what was up.  John said that the rope tow power plant was sold, but the poles were not part of the sale.  Thanks for solving this mystery John !!


September 11, 2008

I added a new lost skiing site  to ALSAP today - the Eklutna Glacier Military Training Site.  I had known of this site, but only through hearsay ... with no documentation or photos.  Even contacting the Alaskan military historians drew a blank on this training site.  So when I recognized that a photo of troops skiing for sale on eBay was from this location ... I got very excited!  The photo is now in my possession and a scan of it is now on the Eklutna Glacier web page.  Hopefully future web search hits on this web page by military veterans will draw in more history on this mysterious skiing site.

September 10, 2008

The Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project web site is going to be adding a new section - Alaska Lost Ski Patrols.  This was the idea of Bob Janes, the National Ski Patrol Alaska Division Historian and a 43 year member of the Juneau Ski Patrol.  Bob was very helpful in the past in getting ALSAP up to speed on Juneau area skiing history.  ALSAP owes a big thanks to Bob for his help and we (Dave, me and our readers) look forward to what Bob orchestrates with regards to Lost Alaskan Ski Patrol history.  Bob will be the main contact for Alaskan ski patrol history, his contact information is now on the ALSAP Contacts web page.  Thanks again Bob !!


Son Bill, Bob Janes and grandson Sean -
3 generations of Juneau Ski Patrollers !


Recently Dave Brann came across some neat pictures from about 1910 of skiers at Fort Gibbon in Tanana, Alaska.  Dave found these shots in a nook of the State of Alaska digital archives web site.  Thanks a lot Dave ... these are neat pictures and they are now linked to the ALSAP Fort Gibbon web page.

September 8, 2008

Finally!  Today I got confirmation that someone stationed at the Cape Romanzof AFS actually skied there!  After years of email correspondence saying that there was no skiing there, despite the fact that skiing was an activity promoted in the Cape Romanzof promotion brochure ... I was starting to wonder if this site belonged on the Alaska Lost Ski Areas list.  Today my pal Tom Page at The Air Defense Radar Veterans web site (www.radomes.org) forwarded an email to me from David Hannun saying he used to ski from the main site down to the airstrip shed during the winter of 1973-1974.  Thanks to Tom and David !!

September 6, 2008

Added a web page to commemorate immigrant skiers that came to Alaska in the late 1800's and early 1900's - the Sami reindeer herders.  Long ago Sami reindeer herders settled in Alaska from Bethel to Barrow and often used skis in their herding duties.   For detailed history of Sami reindeer herding in Alaska, see the BAIKI, The North American Sami Journal, web site.

August 4, 2008

Added a romanticized image of gold miners skiing in 1900 in "Klondyke (Alaska)" from a German meat company advertising card.  Full size image is on the ALSAP historical photos web page.

August 3, 2008

Bob Stanley contacted us to say that while he was stationed at Cape Romanzof from 1957 to 1958 there was no skiing being done.  But he remembers that Bob Hope and his USO entourage once tried to land at their small airfield, but couldn't because of winds.  Thanks for story Bob !!

August 2, 2008

Larry Marbach sent in several more Fire Island pictures, including a picture of the newly built ski cabin in 1965.  Thanks again Larry !!


August 1, 2008

Larry Marbach sent in an interesting picture from 1965-1966.  It was a "first picture" picture of the Fire Island ski slope just after it was completed.  Larry also sent in a couple other pictures from his stay at the Fire Island AFS in 1965-1966.  Thanks a lot for the great pictures Larry !!

July 31, 2008

Today Dan Pastori sent some phenomenal pictures of ski jumping at Fort Greely in the 1950s.   These are the first pictures of the Fort Greely ski jump that ALSAP has seen!  Dan's grandfather Louis Pastori was stationed at Fort Greely and there is a picture of him jumping too.  Thanks for sharing these great pictures Dan !!

July 19, 2008

Put a picture of the Ski Road sign on the Peters Creek Ski Area web page.

July 16, 2008

Added two photos from Bill Cooper of a 1963 Arctic Valley Ski Club Winter Carnival 1st Place Sourdoughs trophy to the Arctic Valley web page.  Thank you Bill !!

July 05, 2008

Long-time Cordova skier and Cordova skiing history enthusiast Stephen Bodnar offered some great info on the Golden Stairs photos I posted two days ago (see below).  Stephen identified the location of the skiers in these photos on a Google satellite map.  Thanks a lot Stephen !!


While hiking in the Arctic Valley area I noticed the old rope tow power plant in the lowest Alpenglow Ski Area parking lot, near the restrooms.  Is this from an old Arctic Valley rope tow?  Does anyone know?  Please contact me if you do know, thanks a lot.  There are a number of pictures of this old rope tow power plant that I took now posted on the Arctic Valley web page.


July 03, 2008

Added two pictures, obtained on eBay, of skiers in the Golden Stairs area by Mt. Eccles near Cordova.

Also, added an excerpt from the Northern Warfare Training Center "United States Army Alaska Arctic Light Individual Training Manual" that explains the history of Fort Greely arctic warfare and skiing training (see quotes from this reference at the bottom of the Fort Greely web page).

June 26, 2008

Added a scan of a 1950's US Army 100 Mile skiing patch to the Fort Greely web page.

June 23, 2008

Information on an old Alaskan skiing postcard I bought on eBay lead to a new historical skiing area that is no longer used as it once was.  And that location is the Raven Glacier north of Girdwood.  This is not a true lost ski area, but back in the 1960's (perhaps, I'm still researching this) there was a commercial fly-in skiing operation that brought skiers to the Raven Glacier.  And apparently skiers dropped off there would ski the 14 miles back to Girdwood.

June 21, 2008

Added a scan of an old Nancy Simmerman postcard that shows a picture of the original Alyeska day lodge.

June 14, 2008

Added scans of a vintage Eielson Air Force Base "Ptarmigan Skiers" patch, a US Army "Arctic Valley Ski Club" patch and an older Alyeska ski patch.

June 05, 2008

Roy Nordyke sent a write-up about his time spent building the Arctic Valley "Bear Paw" Ski Lodge in 1960.  And Walter Brown shared some interesting memories, by email, of his time living at Curry when he worked for ACS in 1948 and 1949.  Thanks to Roy and Walter !!

May 30, 2008

Lawrence Myers emailed stories of his time spent in the 1960s at Sparrevohn and Indian Mountain Air Force Stations.  Lawrence once skied from top camp down to base camp in late November with a 30-06 that the camp commander ordered him to carry for protection from bears.  Thanks for the great stories Lawrence!

May 28, 2008

Roy Nordyke sent a fantastic series of photos that shows the construction of the Arctic Valley Ski Lodge in 1960.  The many pictures Roy sent detail the lodge construction from felling and peeling the logs all the way to the dedication ceremony.  An immense thanks to Roy for sending these great historical pictures!

May 16, 2008

Tony Feiza sent several pictures taken at Adak and Attu in 1943.  Tony's father Simon Feiza was stationed at Adak and was a combatant at Attu.   One picture Tony sent was of the AAA Revetment in snow at Attu with what are possibly skis in the background.  Thanks a lot for sharing these unique pictures Tony !!

May 8, 2008

Added email text and a couple of Indian Mountain pictures from 1955 courtesy of Jean McCaleb.  Thanks Jean !!

April 28, 2008

Added new 2002 pictures of the UAF Ski Hill lift engine building before it was torn down.  And some 2002 pictures of Cleary Summit.

April 27, 2008

Reformatted and added more ski areas and pictures to the ALSAP Historical Photos web page.

April 19, 2008

Though not a true lost ski area, Portage Glacier has some unique, and crazy, history of past commercial fly-in skiing operations.

April 15, 2008

Bill Caroland emailed us with information about the Soldotna Ski Hill.  Bill was there to help compact the snow on the ski hill, prior to the first ski runs down this hill in the mid-1950's.  Thanks for the info Bill !!

April 14, 2008

Dave Brann communicated with Pamela Ables and Gary Titus of the Kenai National Wildlife Refugee and they sent ALSAP a couple of recently scanned early 1960's pictures of the Soldotna Ski Hill.  Thanks for your efforts Dave, Pamela and Gary !!

April 8, 2008

Fred Trimble recently found a couple of pictures of the College Ski and Toboggan Slide in an old Alaskan mining history publication.  One of the pictures showed a group of Fairbanks skiers who used the slide in 1922.  Thanks for the pictures Fred !!

March 31, 2008

Jim Browning was involved in the creation of the Soldotna Ski Hill back in the mid 1950's when he was in the Army at the Kenai Base.  Jim sent ALSAP some information and two nice 50's pictures from this lost ski area.  Apparently back then Jim met Ralph Soberg, a Foreman of the Alaska Road Commission, and they started talking about their mutual interest in ski jumping.  Soon thereafter Ralph "let one of his bulldozers get lost on a hill near Soldotna ... and that was the beginning of the ski hill" !!  Thanks for contacting us with this great info and pictures Jim !!


Also, Fred Trimble identified the source of the Alyeska Chair Two construction photos as Al and June Hampton.  Al was a construction superintendent for this project.

March 13, 2008

Today I added a web page for a once proposed ski lift on the Harding Ice Field, west of Seward, near the head of the Exit Glacier.  In 1970 the Arness-Stanton fly-in snowmobile tour operation was going great guns and there were plans for an Exit Glacier gondola and a T-Bar for skiers up at the top of Exit Glacier.  But BLM permitting problems put a quick end to these plans.  Thanks a lot to Steve Gruhn for bringing this to our attention !!

March 12, 2008

I added a NEW lost ski area today.  During WWII the Alaska Territorial Guard regularly skied while patrolling St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs.  Recently pictures of Territorial Guardsmen skiing there in 1943 were put up on ViLDA.  You can now see several of these pictures on the ALSAP St. Paul web page.

March 9, 2008

Franz Froelicher emailed a story about how Fred Pabst of the Pabst Beer Company had made plans to come to Alaska in April 1964 to assess development of a ski area at the Independence Mine.  Mr. Pabst had previously been involved in developing the Mad River Glenn ski area in Vermont.  But the '64 earthquake interrupted these plan.  Thanks for this very interesting story Franz !!


Alice (Straley) Palkow contacted us about her fond childhood memories skiing at her family's ski area at Gunsight Mountain.  She said they would leave the chalet door unlocked and food inside should travelers on the then rustic Glenn Highway need a place to stay.  Thanks Alice !!


Finally, I recently skied to the site of the former Ptarmigan Valley Resort ski area.  I took some site photos and put them on this web page.

March 8, 2008

On the ALSAP links and vintage photos web pages I added a links to the Roundhouse at Alyeska historical project web site.  There are many neat historical pictures of skiing and of the Roundhouse at Alyeska on the web site of this great project.

March 7, 2008

Russell Gill and Julie (Straley) Hildebrand sent emails to us about their childhood days in the 60's at the Straley's Gunsight Mountain Ski Hill.  Julie confirmed that a 2nd rope tow was planned and partially constructed, but never finished.  Russell recounts how his brother, John Gill Jr., was sleeping in the 2nd lodge built there when it caught on fire.  His father, John Gill, rushed into the burning structure  and saved his son.  Thanks again to the Gill and Straley siblings for sharing these stories !!

March 6, 2008

John Gill Jr. and Jacquie Gill contacted us with fond memories of their time spent when they were kids helping their Uncle Larry and Aunt Laura Straley build the Gunsight Mountain Ski Hill.  Most of the 13 Straley and Gill kids would cram into the upstairs loft of the octagonal chalet while they stayed there!  Thanks John and Jacquie for contacting us about your time spent at this incredibly beautiful ski hill your family helped establish !!

March 1, 2008

Added pictures and stories of Alyeska's "lost chairlift" - Chair Two.  This short-lived ski lift was built in 1972, and destroyed by an avalanche in 1973.  Fred Trimble supplied many pictures of Chair Two's construction, which I put on the ALSAP  Vintage Photos web page.  Thanks Fred !!

February 29, 2008

Before the Alyeska Ski Area, what was this area called by skiers?  The answer is: Mt. Solar.  This information is thanks to Bill Wood.  Bill Wood was friends with Ernie Baumann back in the mid-1950's.  Ernie wanted to build a ski area this location he called Mt. Solar.  The name Mt. Alyeska became the official name of the peak that rises above the Alyeska ski area.  But Ernie is remembered by the official name of Max's Mountain, which you can see on USGS maps.  And that name is Baumann Bump.  Along with information about Ernie Bauman, Bill sent several mid-1950's skiing pictures from Mt. Solar that are now on the ALSAP Vintage Photos web page.  Thanks a whole lot Bill !!

February 15, 2008

John Rogers sent ALSAP excerpts of the 1937 memoirs "Another Man's Life" by his late relative C. A. (Bert) Bryant.  On page 150 of this book it mentions Bryant spending 57 days prospecting on skis near Eagle in the winter of 1902.  This information was needed documented evidence of skiing at Fort Egbert , the remote U.S. Army post where Bryant worked as a teamster and woodcutter.  Thanks again John !!

February 9, 2008

Ed Plumb of Fairbanks took an impressive series of photos of the  Cleary Summit ski lodge fire.  See them near the bottom of the Cleary Summit web page.  Thanks for sharing these photos Ed !!

February 6, 2008

Fred Trimble unearthed some Mountain Magic, made in Healy, Alaska, "After Ski Simmer" hot spice drink.  Fred thinks this drink dates back to the 80's.  Is this an "Alaska Lost Skiing Beverage"?  Does anyone know who the principals of this "Mother - Son Company", Mountain Magic in Healy, were?  (See pictures below, click on them to expand their size.)  And when was this Alaskan skiing product produced?  By the way ... it smells great even after 20? years.  Thanks for bringing this Alaska skiing mystery to ALSAP Fred !!

February 3, 2008

John Rogers contacted us about a relative of his, Bert Bryant, that was a packer / teamster for the Army at Fort Egbert in 1899.  Though John has no evidence that Bert skied at Fort Egbert, John provided documented proof that Bert sure as heck could ski !  A clipping from an 1886 Columbia Fall, MT "Columbian" tells a story about Bert and partners in Montana - schussing downhill on skis into a herd of elk and then lassoing selected elk to capture them live !!  This crazy story is now on the Fort Egbert web page, along with a picture of Bert Bryant.  Thanks for sharing these family legends with us John !!

January 31, 2008

Today's Fairbanks News Miner had an another article about the Cleary Summit ski lodge fire.  A 22 year old man was arrested in connection with the Cleary Summit fire.  This person may have been squatting in the lodge for a while.  Troopers are trying to determine if he torched the lodge intentionally or if the fire was the result of negligence on his part.  I would link to the Fairbanks News Miner web site articles, but the News Miner organization keeps breaking the web page links.  So for now I have put copies of the articles from yesterday and today on the Cleary Summit web page below the pictures of the fire.

January 30, 2008

Today's Fairbanks News Miner had an article about the Cleary Summit ski lodge fire.  In it they stated that a theory for why the lodge caught fire was that a motorist that had a broken down truck nearby went to the lodge and started a fire inside to stay warm, and the fire got out of control.


Dick Coerse, a former ski patroller at the Anton Larsen Pass Ski Area on Kodiak Island in 1962-1963 sent in a picture of three sailors from the Kodiak Naval Air Station skiing at this lost ski area in 1962.  Thanks again Dick !!

January 29, 2008

Word came quickly via Fairbanks today that a big piece of Alaska skiing history was lost.  This morning the abandoned Cleary Summit ski lodge burned down, apparently a victim of arson.  Two pictures of the fire can be found near the bottom of the ALSAP Cleary Summit web page.

January 27, 2008

Dick Coerse was a ski patroller at the Anton Larsen Pass Ski Area on Kodiak Island in 1962-1963.  Back then the Navy ran the ski area and called it Pyramid Mountain.  Dick sent some photos of 1962 ski patches that were on his patrollers jacket.  A big thanks to you Dick !!

January 26, 2008

Larry Daniel sent an email with great stories about life at Tatalina AFS in 1971-1972.  Larry skied while at Tatalina and he "retired from sledding" out there.  His retirement commenced shortly after a high speed sled ride down the radar station access road ended on a corner ... when the sledders met the fire truck.  Larry went under the truck and into the ditch and promptly proclaimed the end of sledding for him, for life.  Thanks for the great stories Larry !!

Former Arctic Valley Hot Dog skier from the mid 70's, Ernest Gollan, emailed some of his fond memories of skiing at the "Valley".  Ernie used to pack his Mercury Marauder with cousins and pals and head to were the skiing was good.  A Mercury Marauder!  I can sense that Ernie was a very cool dude back then !!  Thanks for contacting us Ernie !!

January 21, 2008

Today I added the Mendeltna Creek Lodge Trails to ALSAP as a "lost then re-found" site.  Trails around the lodge were made in the early 1980's, then they fell into disuse in the 90's.  New owners of the Mendeltna Creek Lodge, Mable and Russ Wimmer, re-opened the trails a couple of years ago.  Thanks for contacting us with this info Mabel !  Also - Mabel would be interested in seeing older pictures of folks skiing or ski-joring on the Mendeltna Trails.  She has yet to see any.  So if anyone knows of such pictures, from the 1980s or before - you can email them to me and I'll get them posted on ALSAP for all to see.  Thanks.

January 18, 2008

Dave Bulter spent a year at the Cape Romanzof radar station in 69-70.  He said there wasn't any skiing going on out there during his tour of duty.  Dave's email had a great write-up of what he did out there and what it was like serving in this extremely remote Cold War outpost.  Thanks a lot Dave !

January 16, 2008

Added maps of sites that were studied in 1985 for potential ski areas in the Hatcher Pass area  I put this information on the Government Peak web page.

January 8, 2008

David Lappi contacted us asking about the ski area east of the Richardson Highway near Black Rapids.  This was a good question, as this is a somewhat "mysterious" ski hill to civilians in the State of Alaska.  The ski area David was asking about is the Gunnysack Hill Ski Area that is used by the U.S. Army's Northern Warfare Training Center based out of Fort Wainwright.  This is a ski area that is not "lost", it's still in use.  But it is likely one of the least known ski areas in Alaska.


David also mentioned that he used to ski at the Little Susitna Roadhouse Ski Hill back around 1960.  Thanks for contacting us David !!


Speaking of the Hatcher Pass area:  This weekend I noticed that the long proposed Government Peak ski area has "come to life" in a very small way.  The Matanuska-Susitna Borough is keeping the road open to the proposed base lodge site and grooming a small sledding hill above this parking lot.  This weekend the sledding hill was groomed and replete with slalom poles.  A couple of picture that I took of the groomed hill can be found on the Government Peak web page.

January 2, 2008

Karl Wolfe contacted ALSAP to correct picture captions on the Sitka Harbor Mountain ALSAP web page.  Karl, who lives in Sitka, says that several of the pictures were definitely taken on Harbor Mountain and not Mt. Verstovia as originally noted.  Karl says that even though the rope tow no longer exists at this ski site that it is used frequently for snowboarding and skiing via snowmobile and hiking access.  Thanks for the info Karl !!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to all folks that read  the Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project web site, and to those that have sent in old Alaskan skiing stories and pictures to ALSAP!


In review, 2007 was an amazing year for ALSAP.   Five new lost ski areas showed up, making the total now 133.  Plus ... the amount and variety of ski history information folks sent ALSAP was astounding.  ALSAPPERS have made this web site the definitive Internet source for Alaskan skiing history.  That's something to be very proud of.  Thanks to all and I hope that 2008 is as fun a year running the ALSAP web site as 2007 and the previous years have been.  (Actually - I bet it will be!)  Cheers!

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