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 Contribute Historical Infomation to ALSAP

How to Contribute Historical Information to ALSAP ...


We at ALSAP would love to have your contributions to this site.  Types of information you might consider contributing are:

Old Photographs Digital scans of old photos or slides of lost area skiing REALLY help to preserve ski history.  And everyone enjoys seeing them.
Site Photographs Recent digital pictures of a lost ski area site, or lift remains, such pictures are appreciated.
Stories If you have a good story about a lost ski area, maybe you can share it with ALSAP visitors.
Missing Information If you see missing or incorrect information on alsap.org, we'd appreciate being informed and corrected.
Contacts Should you know of someone that has intimate knowledge of a lost ski area, let us know and we'll try and contact that person.

Attention AC&W Alaskan Radar Station Veterans

If you have non-skiing pictures from time spent at Alaska Radar Stations that you would like to share, please contact these great radar veterans' web sites:

The Air Defense Radar Veterans Association
web site: www.radomes.org, contact: Tom Page - tepage@hotmail.com, or Gene McManus - gmcmanus@radomes.org

All Alaska Radar Sites 714  AC&W Sq. Host
web site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ColdBayAlaska/, contact: Larry Smith - larrysmile@yahoo.com

If you have information to contribute, or questions about contributing information, you can contact Tim at timkelleyak @ gmail.com or Dave at homerbrann @ gmail.com.

If you have information about Lost Alaska Ski Patrols, please contact Bob Janes at: rjanes@gci.net.