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Proposed Hilltop Ski Area Expansion

Proposed in 1990's, not built yet

Name of Ski Area: Hilltop Ski Area
Location: Anchorage
Type of Area: Lift serviced skiing and snowboarding hill.
Dates of Operation: The Hilltop Ski Area has been in operation since 1983.  Here is their web site.
Vertical Drop:

294 feet presently.  Expansion plans called for a vertical drop of up to 700 feet.

Lifts: Hilltop currently has a 2,100 foot ski lift.  Expansion plans in 1994 intially proposed a new 4,800 foot ski lift.  In 1998 a revised expansion plan proposed a 2,200 foot ski lift.
Facilities: In the 1990' a new lodge/ community center was proposed.  Since then, with money from the World Special Winter Olympics, the Stevens Family Recreation Center lodge was built at Hilltop.
Sources of Information:

Anchorage Daily News clippings from the Municipality of Anchorage Loussac Library Alaska Collection "Vertical Files"

Anchorage Daily News article clippings about the proposed Hilltop Ski Area Expansion
1994 1998

~  MAPS  ~

This 1994 map shows the original Hilltop Ski Area expansion plan that called for a new 4,800 foot ski lift.

A revised expansion plan map from 1998 show where a proposed 2,200 foot ski lift would be situated.

Location of the Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage, Alaska.

This 2006 satellite photo shows the Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage.  The proposed expansion would be located above (north) of the current ski area in this photo.

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