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South Extension of the Coastal Trail

Proposed 1996-2005, never built

Name of Ski Area: South Coastal Trail; South Extension of the [Tony Knowles] Coastal Trail
Location: Anchorage
Type of Area: Multi-use trail, groomed in the winter for cross country skiing
History: An Anchorage South Coastal Trail extension was proposed, studied for nine years, met with lots of controversy and finally curtailed by David Miller, Alaska chief for the Federal Highway Administration because the project lacked the necessary endorsement from state and local decision-makers.

"Projects can be restarted," Miller said. "But for the time being, we certainly can't advance a project that is not supported by local decision-makers." (Anchorage Daily News, April 4, 2006)

Sources of Information:

Anchorage Daily News clippings from the Municipality of Anchorage Loussac Library Alaska Collection "Vertical Files"; Friends of the Coastal Trail web site

Front page of a 2000 Municipality of Anchorage South Coastal Trail Newsletter

~  MAPS  ~

2005 Maps of Proposed South Coastal Trail Routes


General location of Anchorage where the proposed South Coastal Trail route options would be located.

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