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Whittier Proposed Ski Areas


Proposed and Studied but Never Built

Name of Ski Area: Whittier Proposed Ski Areas
Location: Southeast of the Buckner Building in Whittier and at Shotgun Cove 5 miles to the east of Whittier.
Type of Area: Ski Hills
Dates of Operation: Studied but never built.  
Who Built It?: Studied but never built. 
Base/ Vertical Drop:

The Whittier ski area would have offered 2100 feet of vertical had it been built.

Lifts: Lifts proposed, but never built.
Facilities: The Buckner Building would have likely been the main ski lodge.
History: The City of Whittier has long sought a use for the hulking and derelict Buckner Building, a federal surplus building once used during World War II and the early years of the Cold War.  In 1973 Mayor Bennie Barker of Whittier invited the State of Alaska Division of Economic Enterprise to assist in developing a plan for a winter sports facility.  The Buckner Building would likely have been the main lodge serving a ski area above Whittier and possibly a ski area in the Shotgun Cove area five miles to the east.
Sources of Information:

Alaska Resource Library and Information Services (ARLIS); Tim Kelley


1973 Preliminary Survey Report of the Winter Sports Potential in the Vicinity of Whittier, Alaska

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Title page Intro This maps shows the areas that were studied for ski area potential.
[Left] This diagram shows the layout and lift lines of a proposed ski area behind the City of Whittier, Alaska.


[Right] The head of Shotgun Cove is shown with proposed lift lines.

~  MAPS  ~

This map shows where the proposed Whittier and Shotgun Cove ski areas would have been located.

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The dashed line on this topo map shows approximately where the proposed Whittier Ski Area would have been located - between Whittier Creek and Cove Creek.

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