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West Juneau Jump Hill

1935 to 1950s

Name of Ski Area: West Juneau Jump Hill
Location: West Juneau on Douglas Island, northwest of the base of the Dan Moller Trail.
Type of Area: Ski Jump
Dates of Operation: 1935 to 1950s
Who Built It?: CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

Top: ~400' / Base: ~200'

Facilities: Unknown
History: Bob Janes:  In the early days (1940ís and 50ís) the annual ski tournaments included a four-way event: downhill, giant slalom, slalom, and jumping. The jumping took place at Jump Hill near the bottom of the Dan Moller Trails. Ski clubs from all over Alaska and the nearby Canadian provinces participated in the events.

Excerpt from Eaglecrest Ski Area web site history page:

Also in 1935 ... Ski jumping was going on at that time at "Jump Hill" near West Juneau , where hundreds of spectators would go there to see the action, including a downhill race over the Dan Moller Trail.

Sources of Information:

Bob Janes; Eaglecrest Ski Area web site; Trevor Davis

Photos: Does anyone have pictures of Jump Hill (or current pictures of the vicinity) that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?

~  PHOTOS  ~

1935 Ski Jumping Competition on West Juneau's Jump Hill

Bob Janes, ski historian of the Juneau Ski Club, coordinated the creation of these digital stills from a 16 mm black-and-white movie film that is in the JSC archives.  The filming was done in 1935 by the late Trevor Davis, a professional photographer in Juneau.  Shown are stills of a ski jumping competition in 1935 at Jump Hill in West Juneau.

[Photo credits: Trevor Davis c/o Bob Janes / Juneau Ski Club]

Bob Janes gave ALSAP this information about Trevor Davis: "Trevor was a professional photographer in Juneau and he owned and operated a photo shop downtown for many years.  He was not a skier, but he loved to take movies of all the action on Douglas Island.  He used snowshoes to hike up the Dan Moller Trail, and always had a big pack to carry (with his camera gear, tripod, etc).  He was a wonderful man, and I knew him well.  He donated all of his movie film and other photos to the Juneau Ski Club,and I have taken care of them in our archives ever since."

~  MAPS  ~

The location of Jump Hill was in West Juneau at on the hill to the northwest of the terminus of the Dan Moller Trail.

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Research Correspondence 
[Bob Janes - 22 February 2005 phone conversation with Tim Kelley]

Bob explained the location of Jump Hill in West Juneau.  It was to the northwest of the Dan Moller Trail near its base.  Bob said that the jump was built out of logs by the CCC (the Civilian Conservation Corps) in 1935 and that jumpers were making 100 foot jumps here (so that would make this approximately a 30 meter jump).

Do you have further information, stories or pictures that you would like to contribute about this ski area?