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Umiat Naval Petroleum Reserve Camp

Late 1940's

Name of Ski Area: Umiat Naval Petroleum Reserve Camp
Location: Umiat
Type of Area: Cross country skiing, no trails
Dates of Operation: Mid to Late 1940's
Who Built It?: Natural Trails
Base/ Vertical Drop:

1000' +/-

Lifts: None
Facilities: Naval Base
History: In the mid 1940's the U.S. Navy bulldozed a road from Barrow to Umiat to drill for oil in the National Petroleum Reserve #4.  A drilling camp consisting of a dozen or so Quonset huts was established here.  Some servicemen stationed here would cross country ski in the surrounding areas.

Ed and Melinda May wrote and article about Richard Lewis Aukerman that was published in the March 11, 2007 Anchorage Daily News, page G3, entitled: "Hallelujah, I'm in Alaska".  This article can by found on the Anchorage Daily News archives web site.

Sources of Information:

Richard Lewis Aukerman


Does anyone have information about skiing at the Umiat (or pictures of the current area) that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?

~  PHOTOS  ~

1947 Umiat Photos Courtesy of Richard Lewis Aukerman

Cross country skiing on the Ikpikpuk River valley floor Umiat
Skiing the sloughs - Umiat Richard Aukerman (2nd from left) and Civil Aeronautics Administration crew display pelts
Cat trains.  D-9 cats pulling 4- ft. go-devils (long sleds) bringing supplies from Pt. Barrow to Umiat Camp Umiat Arctic fox kits.  These two kits slept on caribou hide at the head of my bunk.  They are starting to turn white. Bob Rice and Randy Acord, Wien Alaska Airline Pilots, Fairbanks, Alaska

Letter from Richard Lewis Aukerman describing life and skiing at Umiat in 1947

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~  MAPS  ~

This large scale map shows where Umiat is located on the North Slope of Alaska.

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This topo shows Umiat in the center and the surrounding area.

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