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Tustumena School Ski Trails

Late 1970's to Early 1980's

Name of Ski Area: Tustumena School Ski Trails
Location: East of the Tustumena School, Kasilof, Alaska
Type of Area: Cross country ski trails, three color coded loops for cross country races.
Dates of Operation: Late 1970's to Early 1980's
Who Built It?: Al Besch, Principal
Facilities: Tustumena School
History: A number of elementary and junior high school ski races were held here.  The 3 loops were basically "U" shaped and were directly behind the school.  The terrain was quite flat.

The trails were lost due to subdivision development.

Sources of Information:

Dave Brann


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~  MAPS  ~

This map shows where the town of Kasilof is located on the Kenai Peninsula.

This 1984 topo map shows where the Tustumena School Ski Trails were located south of the Kasilof River.

(click on this topo map to expand it)

This 1996 aerial map shows the layout of the where the Tustumena School Ski Trails once were.

(click on this aerial map to expand it)

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