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Lower Summit Lake Family Rope Tow


Name of Ski Area: Lower Summit Lake Family Rope Tow (actual name unknown)
Location: On mountainside to west of the of Lower Summit Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.
Type of Area: Ski Hill
Dates of Operation: Unknown  (still researching)
Who Built It?: Brenda Stoop's grandfather (still researching)
Base/ Vertical Drop:

Base: ~1400' / Vertical: Unknown

Lifts: Rope Tow
Facilities: Family cabin nearby
Sources of Information:

Brenda Stoops


This large scale topo shows where the family rope tow was located on the Kenai Peninsula - just to the west of Lower Summit Lake.

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topo_summitfamily.jpg (189327 bytes)

A 1997 aerial view shows the estimated location of the rope tow to the east of Lower Summit Lake.  The exact location is not known.

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terra_summitfamily.jpg (132554 bytes)

A zoomed in aerial view shows cabins to the west of Lower Summit Lake and the Seward Highway.  Near one of these cabins was the old family rope tow.  The exact location is not known.

(click on this view to expand it)

terra_zoom_summitfamily.jpg (116208 bytes)

Research Correspondence 
[Brenda Stoops - 22 November 2004 email to Dave Brann, excerpt]

Our rope tow was not the public tow located adjacent to the [Summit Lake] lodge.  Our large and extended family had a rope tow located behind our cabin on the north side of the highway on lower Summit lake.  The tow remains on the mountain.  We had a forest service cabin for about 15 years, certainly the better part of my childhood.  My family sold the cabin after all the kids moved off.  My grandfather was an avid skier..............and took to making sure all his grandchildren certainly enjoyed the sport.  Everyone skied in our family, I don't believe it was an option.  The tow was of course a real hit.  I  remain the most active skier, and enjoyed a great day at Manitoba yesterday.

Brenda Stoops



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