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Pt. Woronzof Ski Trails

1970 to 1973

Name of Ski Area: Pt. Woronzof Ski Trails
Location: Anchorage, on the northern property of the Ted Stevens International Airport
Type of Area: Cross Country Ski Trails
Dates of Operation: 1970 to 1973
Who Built It?: Volunteers of the Nordic Ski Club of Anchorage and Alaska Division, USSA

~150' - ~300'

Facilities: None.  Trailhead was at the end of Northern Lights Blvd, which at the time was near where the intersection of Northern Lights and Postmark Drive is.
Miscellaneous: This trail system was abandoned in 1974 when the airport commenced construction on the north/south runway.  In the last year or two of this area's trail usage, survey lines cut through the forest (for the airport expansion) were utilized as additional ski trails.
Sources of Information:

Jim and Sally Burkholder; Milt Radford; Leo Hannan; Trond Flagstadt

Photos: Does anyone have pictures of cross country skiing on the Pt. Woronzof ski trails that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?


1973 "X-C Ski Trails" by Leo Hannan

In 1973 Leo Hannan wrote an Anchorage area ski trails guidebook entitled "X-C Ski Trails".  Leo's guidebook was republished in 1982, when it was called "A Guide to Cross Country Skiing in Anchorage".  This later "Subaru World Cup Commemorative Edition" was published by the Nordic Ski Club of Anchorage as a fund raising tool for the FIS World Cup cross country ski race that was held at Kincaid Park that year.  Below are pages from this out of print guidebook that describe the Pt. Woronzof Trails.

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[Text and map credits: Leo Hannan]

These pages date these trails.  From 1970 ... .... to the expansion of the north/south runway in 1974. Map of Pt. Woronzof trail.  Part of the trail used was the right of way for the city's main sewer line to the Pt. Woronzof sewer treatment facility.


Old Pt Woronzof Ski Trails Map found by UAA Ski Coach Trond Flagstadt
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This 2002 aerial view of west Anchorage shows the general location of where the Pt. Woronzof ski trails were located.  The site of the old trails is now occupied by the north/south runway and air cargo facilities.

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terra_ptworonzof.jpg (101946 bytes)

A zoomed in view shows the general area of the Pt. Woronzof ski trails.  The exact locations of the trails are still being researched.

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terra_zoom_ptworonzof.jpg (85021 bytes)

Research Correspondence 

[Milt Radford - November 17, 2004] 

Not much as been posted yet about poor old Pt. Woronzof, perhaps because some of us are still recovering from the psychological and physical wounds. Should a X-C trail have moguls, exposed roots, and dead branches strategically placed for impaling?  I think not.  As a member of the West High ski team in the early 1970's we would do anything to avoid skiing at Woronzof.  Even after a heavy snowfall, it only seemed fit for rock skis.  So, we commuted to Russian Jack for daily training, a source of constant teasing from the East High team.

Whenever we were screwing around too much, coaches Bob Hanson or Charlie Hostetler would threaten us with "strength" training -- a buzzword for an afternoon of slogging around Woronzof.

During the '71-'72 season, we hosted an invitational meet at Woronzof on the day of a mid-winter thaw.  It was 40 degrees and raining with standing puddles on the trail.  Despite racing against a heavily favored Dimond team, we managed to pull off a rare victory by concocting a special brew of klister waxes. These days, I often ride my bike along the Woronzof section of the Coastal Trail.  It's a nice ride but it doesn't build much character.

Milt Radford



Do you have further information, stories or pictures that you would like to contribute about this ski area?