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Oilwell Road Ski Trails

1980 to 1984

Name of Ski Area: Oilwell Road Ski Trails
Location: Southeast of Ninilchik, Alaska at about Mile 6 of the Oilwell Road
Type of Area: Cross country ski trails
Dates of Operation: 1980 to 1985
Who Built It?: Frank Miller - teacher and ski coach at the Ninilchik School
Facilities: Ninilchik School, town of Ninilchik.
History: This was an old gravel pit that provided a view friendly ski course.  One could watch the whole race from one spot.  There were lots of good elevation changes, many short hills and drops.  The trail was groomed wide enough for skating with classic tracks set on both sides.

Frank Miller developed this area because the snow was better in depth and consistency than the it was on the Ninilchik School Ski Trails.

Sources of Information:

Dave Brann


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~  MAPS  ~

This map shows where the town of Ninilchik is located on the Kenai Peninsula.

This 1996 aerial map shows where the Oilwell Road Ski Trails were located in relation to the town of Ninilchik.

(click on this aerial map to expand it)

This 1984 topo map shows the area where the Oilwell Road Ski Trails once existed.

(click on this topo map to expand it)

This 1996 aerial map shows the layout of the Oilwell Road Ski Trails.

(click on this aerial map to expand it)

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