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Ninilchik School Ski Trail

1978 to 1980

Name of Ski Area: Ninilchik School Ski Trails
Location: South of the Ninilchik School; Ninilchik, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula
Type of Area: Cross country ski trails, approximately 4 kilometers set for classic skiing.  Ski started and ended on the school running track.
Dates of Operation: 1978 to 1980
Who Built It?: Dave Brann - teacher and ski coach at the Ninilchik School
Facilities: Ninilchik School, town of Ninilchik.
History: Dave Brann: A few high school ski races were held on these trails.  For one big regional invitational we had schools from as far away as Noorvik.  Before the race we had a ski parade around the tack with school banners and most of the kids in school, down to first grade, on skis.  I started the jr. high / high school ski team there in 1978.  Bob McCauley and Dave Schroer were my mentors and a big help.
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Dave Brann


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~  MAPS  ~

This map shows where Ninilchik is located on the Kenai Peninsula.

This 1984 map shows the area to the south/ southwest of the Ninilchik School where the  ski trails were located.

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This 1996 aerial map shows the layout of the Ninilchik School Ski Trail.

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