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Help Us Solve These ALSAP Mysteries !!

On this web page we post Alaskan lost ski site mysteries that have not yet been resolved.  Your help in researching, sleuthing and solving these ski puzzles is encouraged and appreciated.  We will credit you for providing any historical information that we are missing.  You will become an ALSAP hero!  And many will appreciate your efforts in keeping Alaskan ski history from being lost.

Where was this ski jump picture taken?


The University of Washington has the image on the right in their Digital Collections (click on this image to expand it).  You can access the cataloging information UW has for this image on their digital archives site by clicking here.


When this image was filed at UW, it was filed as being in Alaska.  But no location or date was known or recorded.


So - does anyone know where this shot was taken?  And when it might have been taken?  Or if it is actually in Alaska?

SOLVED!  Who built the Gunsight Mountain Ski Area?


ALSAP does not know much about the Gunsight Mountain Ski Area and chalet at mile 120 on the Glenn Highway.  Who used it?  Was it a commercial operation?  And when was this ski area in operation?  What we know can be seen on the Gunsight Mountain web page.

SOLVED!  Where was the Hilltop Youth Ski Area Located?


ALSAP knows that the original Hilltop Youth Rope Tow was located in a gravel pit somewhere in the vicinity of what is now likely the junction of Lake Otis and O'Malley Road in Anchorage.  But can anyone help pinpoint the exact location of this old ski site?

When did the Eagle River Rope Tow operate?  Who built it?


Little is known about the Eagle River Rope Tow that once existed behind what is now Tips Bar.  Does anyone know the history of this lost ski area?

When and where was Fairbanks' first cross country ski race?


We know that the first cross country ski race in Anchorage was on 4th Avenue on the 4th of March 1917.  But Fairbanks was a bigger town than Anchorage before that time, back at the turn of the century.  And no doubt there was a population of Scandinavian immigrants in the Fairbanks area that felt the need to race around on "skiis" like their brethren were doing in Nome in 1903.  The UAF web page with the history of the Skarland trail system says that a ski race in the winter 1923/24 was the first race.  But you'd think that micro-fiche of old newspapers would have records of ski races prior to that ... because ski races were big events, often for big cash prizes in the early 1900's in Alaska.  So was 1923 REALLY Fairbanks' first race?  Or were there earlier races?  And where were they held?

What is the history of the Rabbit Creek lost ski area?


In Anchorage's backyard, in the upper reaches of the Rabbit Creek Valley, there was said to have once been an old rope tow.  Very little is known about this ski area that was very close to Anchorage.  ALSAP is looking for who built this ski tow, who used it and when was it used and any other history about it.

What is the history of the  Haines lost ski areas?


The two Haines ski sites are ones that ALSAP knows very little about.  All we know is on the Mosquito Lake Ski Hill and the Young Road Rope Tow web pages.  Does anyone out there know the history of these ski areas?

There is some recollection of a rope tow at Circle Hot Springs.  Did one actually exist?  And when?


Confirmation is needed for the Circle Hot Springs Rope Tow.  Did it actually exist?  When was it in operation?  And who built it?

Does anyone know the history of the Newton Peak Rope Tow?


ALSAP is still wondering when the Newton Peak Rope Tow north of Nome was in operation?  And who built it?  Was this ski tow built by DEW (Defense Early Warning) Line folks that worked at the nearby Anvil Mountain site?

SOLVED!  Does anyone know any Fort Egbert ski history?


Does anyone know of any documented or pictorial accounts of skiing at Fort Egbert in Eagle when it was in operation?

Is there any evidence out there, written or pictorial, of the Grandview Rope Tow?


Two people have told ALSAP that they believe there was a rope tow at Grandview in the Kenai Mountains.  Once Grandview was an Alaska Railroad construction and maintenance camp.  And there is a record of a roadhouse / lodge operating there.  But we have yet to see documented or pictorial evidence of a rope tow at this site.  Does anyone have or know where to find evidence of this possible lost ski site?

Does anyone have any accounts of skiing at these Cold War Radar Air Force Stations?  And at DEW Line Stations?


ALSAP has collect accounts of skiing at many of the Cold War AC&W (Aircraft Control and Warning) radar outposts around Alaska?  But there are several sites we expect folks may have skied at, because the military promoted skiing, but at present we have no confirmations of such activities.  The sites in question are: Unalakleet AFS, Tin City AFS, Cape Lisburne AFS, Northeast Cape AFS and Fort Yukon AFS.  Does anyone have information on skiing at these radar sites?

Also - we are wondering if there is any record of skiing at DEW (Defense Early Warning) sites that were separate from AC&W sites?

Any more leads on these early 1950's cross country ski trails?


An early 1950's member of the UAF ski team recollects cross country ski racing in Juneau "near the airport" and to the "east of West High" in Anchorage?  Do these ski trails sound familiar to anyone?  Anyone have more information on these lost ski trails?

Anyone know where this humorous picture was taken?


This picture is rumored to have been taken in Alaska around 1910-1920.  Does anyone know where this picture might have been taken?  Do the subjects in this picture match those in other pictures that people are familiar with?  Does the structure in the background give any clues to anyone?

More ALSAP mysteries will be posted in the future ...