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Kincaid Park Rope Tow and Ski Jumps

Proposed in 1983, never built

Name of Ski Area: Kincaid Park
Location: Western Anchorage, on Point Campbell in Kincaid Park.
Type of Area: Ski hill with rope tow, Two ski jumps
Dates of Operation: Planned but never completed.  
Who Built It?: Planned but never completed.  
Base/ Vertical Drop:


Lifts: Rope tow planned, but never installed.
Facilities: If development of the Master Plan was seen to completion, a huge sports complex, Olympic training center and visitor center would now be at Kincaid Park.
History: In 1983 a master plan was completed for massive sports facility development at Kincaid Park.  The aspiration of luring the Winter Olympics to Anchorage was a driving force behind this study.

A visitors' center was proposed for Kincaid Park on top of a hill that now is located a FAA air traffic radar.  The western slope of this hill was to be a skiing and sledding hill with a rope tow located on the south side of this open area.

Two ski jumps were proposed for the northwest corner of Kincaid Park at that time.  The Jump in-run structures would have been located just to the north of Pia's Overlook on the Mize Trail.  The shared landing hill area would run down the west slope of this ridge to the flat area near the fence line.

Sources of Information:

1983 Master Plan for Development of Kincaid Park, Anchorage Department of Parks and Recreation.

~  MAPS  ~

This layout map from the 1983 Kincaid Park Master Plan shows the proposed locations of the ski jumps and ski hill / rope tow.

(click on this map to expand it)

The location of Kincaid Park in Anchorage is shown on this map.

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