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Glen Alps Early Season XC Ski Loop

1970's to 2012

Name of Ski Area: Glen Alps Early Season XC Ski Loop
Location: Glen Alps, Anchorage, Alaska
Type of Area: Cross Country Ski Loop
Dates of Operation: 1970's to 2012
Who Built It?: Alaska State Parks, Chugach

Elevation: 2500' / Distance: ~2 km

Lifts: None
Facilities: Parking Lot, Outhouse
History: A short loop, approximately 2 kilometer long, at Glen Alps near the base of Flattop Mountain used to be a popular early season cross country skiing venue.  This location was often the first place where xc skiers could get on snow near Anchorage.  This trail was smoother and more wind-protected than the Powerline Pass Trail.

During low-snow periods in the Anchorage area, this was a very popular ski training venue.  Many skiers would be doing laps on this short loop.  UAA once hosted a race against UAF on this loop during the time that Bill Spencer was the UAA ski coach.  Many time trials were staged here.  Local skiers, high school skiers and ski clubs like the Alaska Winter Stars and APUNSC trained here.  In 2003 the National Masters Cross Country Skiing Championships had two races in this area that finished on the lower portion of this loop.

This early season ski loop began to be used less after GCI put a fiber optic line along the Powerline Pass Trail.  This work resulted in a smoother trail and less snow was needed to ski on this route.  In 2011/2012 Chugach State Park constructed a new parking lot in the middle of this early season ski loop.  A paved access road displaced part of this ski trail and this loop has not be used for early season skiing since.

Sources of Information:

Tim Kelley

~  PHOTOS  ~

This photo shows the access road, to a new parking lot.  The road now replaces a hiking and skiing trail.  Races for the 2003 National Masters Championships finished on the lower area of where this road was built. 

Photo: Tim Kelley, 2016

~  MAPS  ~

The red line shows the Glen Alps "Early Season" or "Low Snow" Loop.  The X's show where the parking lot access road replaced the trail.

(Click on map to enlarge it)


Location of Glen Alps on the east side of Anchorage, AK.

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