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Gastineau Meadows Ski Trails

1965 to 1975

Name of Ski Area: Gastineau Meadows Ski Trails
Location: On the northwest edge of the town of Douglas, in back of the Gastineau Elementary School, between Bear and Lawson Creeks
Type of Area: Ski Trails
Dates of Operation: 1965 to 1975
Who Built It?: Guy Thibodeau and others


Facilities: Trailhead near the Gastineau Elementary School
History: This early Juneau cross country ski trails system, of 5km or more, was patterned towards kids - skiers at the Gastineau Elementary School.  Tracks were skied-in, not set by snowmachines.  The Juneau Ski Club had a program here teaching kids how to cross country ski.

Use of this ski area was discontinued in 1975 when the nearby Eaglecrest ski area was built.  Eaglecrest offered more reliable snow with trails at a base elevation of 1200 feet.

Sources of Information:

Bob Janes

Photos: Does anyone have pictures of skiing on the Gastineau Meadows trails (or current pictures of the vicinity) that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?

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A zoomed in topo view shows the general location of the Gastineau Meadows ski trails.  There were located just outside of the town of Douglas between Bear and Lawson Creeks.

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Research Correspondence 
[Bob Janes - 22 February 2005 phone conversation with Tim Kelley]

Bob said that this xc ski area was used from 1965 to 1975.  Its use was discontinued when Eaglecrest was built.  At Eaglecrest better skiing could be had on trails at a base elevation of 1200 feet.  Guy Thibodeau was one of the main organizers behind this 5 km or more trail system.  The Juneau Ski Club would give lessons here.  Tracks were skied-in, not set.  Bob also explained the location of these trails.



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