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Fort Richardson Base Ski Training Sites

Late 1930's to 1990's

Name of Ski Area: Fort Richardson
Location: Forth Richardson, just northeast of Anchorage.
Type of Area: Ski training sites
Dates of Operation: Late 1930's to 1990's (estimated)
Who Built It?: U.S. Army
Base/Vertical Drop:


Lifts: None
Facilities: Large military base.
History: Ski training was once required of Fort Richardson military personnel during World War II and the Cold War.  Beginner ski instruction was given on the base.  Skiers would later move on to Arctic Valley and Moose Run trails.  Currently there is recreational skiing on Fort Richardson, but military ski training is now done at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Black Rapids, Alaska.

Pictures below were taken by Russell Dow - a civilian ski instructor that taught many WWII troops how to ski.

Sources of Information:

The State of Alaska Visual Library and Digital Archives web site (vilda.alaska.edu); Tim Kelley (eBay 1954 photo purchase); AnneBelle Martin


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~  PHOTOS  ~


Soldiers of the 4th Infantry, Fort Richardson - first day on skis (1940).

[Photo credit: Russel Dow/ UAA Archives]

Soldiers at Fort Richardson doing ski calisthenics (1940).

[Photo credit: Russel Dow/ UAA Archives]





May 24, 2022 email from AnnaBell Martin: "This is a picture of Operation Moosehorn [at Fort Richardson].  My grandfather served 57-62 and is in this picture."

~  MAPS  ~

This map shows where Fort Richardson is located, to the north of the city of Anchorage, Alaska (upper right corner of this map).

(click on this map to expand it)

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