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Evergreen Bowl

1935 to 1970

Name of Ski Area: Evergreen Bowl
Location: Juneau, downtown area, east of the Evergreen Cemetery in the Gold Creek drainage at the base of Mt. Juneau.
Type of Area: Ski Hill
Dates of Operation: 1935 to 1970
Who Built It?: The Alaska Emergency Relief Administration cleared the initial site and established a "toboggan and ski slide".  In 1948 the Juneau Ski Club installed a rope tow.
Base/ Vertical Drop:

Base: ~50' / Vertical: ~100'

Lifts: Rope Tow was installed in 1948
Facilities: Lights for night skiing existed at this small ski area.
History: Prior to this area being a ski area service by a lift, it was a "toboggan and ski slide" built in 1935 by the Alaska Emergency Relief Administration, a regional division of the Federal Emergency Relieve Administration (FERA).

This was a popular Juneau ski area when there was snow at sea-level because it was in downtown Juneau.  The City of Juneau eventually developed this location as a city recreation area with tennis courts.

In 1948 the Juneau Ski Club gave free ski lessons here.

The Evergreen Bowl rope tow history is quite interesting.  This was the fourth and final location of the Juneau Ski Club portable ski tow that:

1) Originated at Sandy Smith's mining claim in the Perseverance Valley in 1932.
2) Was moved across the Douglas Bridge to the 1st Meadow ski slope in 1935.
3) Was again moved to the 2nd Meadow a few years later (approximately 1939).
4) And finally, when the Juneau Ski Club bought a surplus ski tow in Seward in 1948 for 2nd Meadow, the portable tow in 2nd Meadow was brought back over to the Juneau side of the bridge and set up at Evergreen Bowl.

Sources of Information:

Bob Janes; Dave Brann

Photos: Does anyone have pictures of skiing at the Evergreen Bowl (or current pictures of the vicinity) that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?

~  PHOTOS  ~


The beginning of Evergreen Bowl: The Alaska Press / The Stroller's Weekly, Juneau, Alaska - Friday, January 4, 1935

"A comparatively safe place to indulge in snow gymnastics": The Alaska Daily Press, Juneau Alaska - Tuesday, January 7, 1936

~  MAPS  ~

A zoomed in topo view shows the location where the Evergreen Bowl ski slope once existed.

(click on this map to expand it)

Research Correspondence 
[Bob Janes - 22 February 2005 phone conversation with Tim Kelley]

Bob said the dates of operation of the Evergreen Bowl ski area were 1948 to 1970.  This ski area was in downtown Juneau to the east of the cemetery in the Gold Creek drainage.  The Juneau Ski Club were the builders of this ski area, there was night skiing here and the Juneau Ski Club gave free ski lessons here.  The rope tow here was the original portable rope tow from the Perseverance Valley.  This tow traveled from Perseverance to 1st Meadow to 2nd Meadow and then to the Evergreen Bowl in 1948.  The vertical of this ski area was around 100 feet.  Skiing here was popular when there was snow at sea-level do to its close proximity to town.  This site eventually became a City Recreation Area, with tennis courts.



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