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Country Lanes Estates Ski Hill


Name of Ski Area: Country Lanes Estates Ski Hill, Common Area Hill
Location: Anchorage, south of Raspberry Road near the Kincaid Park entrance, west of Serenity Circle in the common area of the Country Lanes Estates subdivision.
Type of Area: Ski Hill
Dates of Operation: Planned but never completed.  
Who Built It?: The ski hill was built by the developers of the Country Lanes Estate subdivision.
Base/ Vertical Drop:

Lifts: Rope tow planned, but never installed.
Facilities: None
History: Originally in the common area of this subdivision a private (for subdivision home owners) ski hill with rope tow was planned.  The ski hill was cleared and graded, but due to cost and liability issues the rope tow was never installed.  The hill was used for many years as a sledding hill.  But now it is mostly overgrown with alders.
Sources of Information:

Tim Kelley

~  MAPS  ~

This large scale aerial view shows the location of the Country Lanes Estates Ski Hill in west Anchorage (close to the east boundary of Kincaid Park).

(click on this view to expand it)

topo_countryestates.jpg (74704 bytes)

Zooming in on this 2002 aerial view shows the once cleared ski hill location.  The ski hill is now mostly overgrown.

(click on this view to expand it)

topo_zoom_countryestates.jpg (104133 bytes)



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