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Chugach State Park Proposed Ski Areas


Name of Ski Area: Chugach State Park Proposed Ski Areas
Location: Chugach State Park, Southcentral Alaska.  10 sites were proposed as potential ski areas: Eklutna South, Peters Creek 4 Mile, Peters Creek 6 Mile, Mt. Baldy, Eagle River, Highland Mountain East, Highland Mountain West, South Fork Eagle River, Wolverine Bowl and Indian.
Type of Area: Proposed downhill skiing areas.
Dates of Operation: Studied in 1987, but never built.
Who Built It?: Never built.

See below.

Facilities: None.
History: In 1987 the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, studied possible downhill skiing sites in Chugach State Park and produced  the document: "A Comparison of Potential Alpine Ski Areas in Chugach State Park".  Excerpts from this document are displayed below.
Sources of Information:

Bruce Talbot, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

~  MAPS  ~

This is the overview map of the Chugach State Park sites that were studied as potential downhill skiing areas.

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The Eklutna South site would have been at the current end of the Eklutna Lake Road south of where the campground is. This ski site is 4 miles up the Peters Creek drainage trail on Mount Eklutna and the ridge to the east. Another proposed Peters Creek ski hill would have been a bit further up the drainage on the south side of the valley.
[Left] The base of this ski site would have been near the Hiland Road exit off the Glenn Highway.  This area is where luge, bobsled and jump facilities were proposed in Anchorage's 1994 Olympic bid.  For more info click here.


[Right] This Highland Mountain ski slope would have crossed the Highland Drive road at the point it starts its major climb.

[Left] The Eagle River proposed downhill ski site was the closest of all of these to becoming developed.  This site was proposed for use as a downhill race site in the Anchorage 1994 Olympic bid.  Rogner Touristik of Austria made an attempt to develop this ski area.  For more info on this proposed "Eagle Valley" ski resort click here.


[Right] Harp Mountain would have ski runs if this ski area came to fruition.

The Mt. Baldy ski area would have bordered residential areas just north of Eagle River. Wolverine Peak on the front range of the Western Chugach Mountains east of Anchorage was once studied for ski site potential. Looks like you could have taken a chair lift most of the way to the top of Bird Ridge if this ski area was built in Indian Valley.

~  Document Excerpts  ~

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