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Chugach Mountain Recreation Center

Proposed in early 2000's, not built yet

Name of Ski Area: Chugach Mountain Recreation Center
Location: Valdez, southern shoulder of East Peak, 6 miles from downtown Valdez
Type of Area: Lift serviced skiing and snowboarding hill
Dates of Operation: Proposed, not built yet
Who?: Ryan McCune is the principal behind the Chugach Mountain Recreation Center project.
Base/Vertical Drop:

Base: Near sea level / Vertical: ~4500'

Lifts: A lift up to 7000' long is proposed.
Facilities: A day lodge and shopping plaza is proposed.
History: More information can be found on the Chugach Mountain Recreation Center web site.
Sources of Information:

Ryan McCune


A site photo with a rendition of the proposed lift overlayed on it.
Snowboarding East Mountain above Valdez

~  MAPS  ~

This is an artist's rendering of the proposed Chugach Mountain Recreation Center.

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This large scale topo map shows the approximate location of the proposed recreation area.

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Research Correspondence 

[Ryan McCune - 15 May 2007 email excerpt] 

... I am in the process of looking for investors to build a 4,500 vertical foot chairlift with 5,500 acres of ski terrain overlooking Valdez, some older material is available on the web at www.rydor.com ...



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