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Arctic Valley Cross Country Ski Loop

2001 to 2002

Name of Ski Area: Arctic Valley Cross County Ski Loop
Location: Anchorage, Alaska - between the new Arctic Valley Ski Area (formerly known as Alpenglow) and the old military Arctic Valley Ski Area.
Type of Area: Cross Country Skiing Trail
Dates of Operation: 2001 to 2002
Who Built It?: APUNSC (Alaska Pacific University Nordic Skiing Center) skiers led by Jim Galanes and John Quinn-Hurst.
Base/Vertical Drop:


Lifts: None
Facilities: None
History: In the early 2000's Jim Galanes spearheaded efforts to clear brush to create a short ski loop at the base of the new and old Arctic Valley Ski Areas.  He also made arrangements with the Alpenglow Ski Area to groom this ski loop.  The reason for building this ski loop was to have an early season, early snow, higher altitude skiing venue that was closer to Anchorage than Hatcher Pass.  The ski loop was used during the fall of 2001.  Jim would leave APUNSC a few years later and this ski loop would be abandoned.
Sources of Information:

Tim Kelley


Does anyone have pictures of skiing at the Arctic Valley Cross Country Ski Loop (or current pictures of the vicinity) that they would like to contribute to ALSAP ?

~  PHOTOS  ~

2011 Site Photo by Tim Kelley
The arrows mark the northern extent (left) and southern extent (right) of the ski loop.

~  MAPS  ~

This large scale topo map shows the location of the former Arctic Valley Cross Country Ski Loop to the east of Anchorage.

(click on this map to expand it)

This zoomed in topo map shows where this former "early snow" cross country ski loop was located between the old and new Arctic Valley Ski Areas.

(click on this map to expand it)


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