Juneau Ski Club History

Courtesy of Juneau Ski Club Historian Bob Janes

Here are some Juneau Ski Club History archives that Bob Janes, the Juneau Ski Club Historian, sent ALSAP.

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Here is the original notice of the Juneau Ski Club being organized.  This article appeared in the November 11, 1935 Alaska Daily Press.


Janes_1935_jsc.jpg (229270 bytes)

In this article that appeared in the 1993 issue of the Juneau Ski Club newsletter "Ski Tracks" Bob Janes relays Tom Stewart's view of Juneau ski history phases.  Tom is a "Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4" skier ... an admirable distinction!

Janes_1993_stewart.jpg (215545 bytes)

In a 1996 "Ski Tracks" article Bob Janes prints an interesting 1985 letter from Norman C. Banfield about how the Juneau Ski Club evolved in the 1930's from the Juneau Hiking Club.  Janes_1996_banfield_1.jpg (221117 bytes) Janes_1996_Banfield_2.jpg (184388 bytes)



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